Selected as an Outstanding Academic Book

In July 2024, the book I co-translated, 'Causal Inference and Discovery with Python,' was selected as Outstanding Academic Book (Natural Sciences/Computer Science) by the Ministry of Education and the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea. Congratulations! 🎊 

Complete of Agricultural Robot Project

On May 31, 2024, we successfully completed the project tititled "Development of AI-based HD Mapping for Agricultrual Robots," supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT. We hope our robot technology will bring new vitality to Korea agriculture, which is facing challenges due to a declining and aging farming population. 🤠

Minsu Joined the Lab

Minsu Kim started his PhD study in Department of Artificial Intelligence Applied, Kwangwoon Univ. and joined the lab as a researcher at March 04, 2024. Can't wait to study and research machine learning, deep learning, robotics and computer vision together. Welcome on board, Minsu! 🎉

Tutorial Presentation in KDMS Summer Conference

Soohwan presented a seminar on Spatial AI at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) on November 24, 2023. Spatial AI is an emerging field in artificial intelligence that combines technologies such as computer graphics, computer vision, robotics, and machine learning to understand, analyze, and represent three-dimensional space. 😎

Tutorial Presentation in KDMS Summer Conference

Soohwan gave a tutorial titled "How close autonomous cars are, NVIDIA DRIVE" at the 2023 Summer Conference of Korea Data Mining Society.  It was a friendly introduction to the latest hardware and software technologies used in self-driving cars, based on my work experience in NVIDIA Autonomous Driving Group. Pleasantly surprized by the large number of participants even in the last day session. Thank you! 😊

IEEE Access "Featured Article of the Week"

The recently published journal article, "Rotation Representations and Their Conversions" was selected by IEEE Access as the "Featured Article of the Week" for the first week of June 2023. Congratulations! 😃