Research Projects

· 2022-11 ~ 2023-10 3D HD Map Generation for Autonomous Driving (MobilTech)

· 2021-11 ~ 2022-10 SLAM Algorithm Improvement for Autonomous Driving (MobilTech)

· 2020-03 ~ 2023-02 Multisensor Mobile Mapping System for Creating, Updating and Analyzing Digital Twins (National Research Foundation of Korea)

Dynamic Object Detection for Autonomous Driving

  • Objectives: Detecting arbitrary moving objects in the scene

  • Needs: Improving safety in case that deep learning-based object detection fails or moving objects are not in traing datasets

  • Method: 3D Computer Vision (Epipolar Geometry)

  • Issues: Hard to tell if the objects seems to move because the vehicle is moving or they are moving by themselves

Multi-modal Sensor Fusion for SLAM

  • Objectives: Combining different sensors to make SLAM more robust to challenging environments such as wide-open areas and corridors

  • Sensors

    • LiDAR: Geometric information

    • Camera: Texture information

    • IMU Sensor: Ego-centric motion

    • GPS Sensor: Absolute position

  • Method: Continuous-time trajectory to combine asynchronous sensor data

Real-time Visual Odometry using an RGB-D Camera

  • Objectives: Tracking the camera pose in real-time using an RGB-D camera to overlay virtual objects on augmented reality glasses

  • Method: Using the depth uncertainty as weights of the depth residuals in optimization based on the sensor model of the RGB-D camera

  • Results: Real-time camera pose tracking more robust to intensity change and depth noise